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Download E-Swatches Here

Our impressive collection of covering materials are sourced from Europe, UK and USA. Our e-swatches are materials stocked in our Sydney warehouse.

These are great files for you to look over on the screen or share with a client, making projects easier to manage when both you and client know material well.


Arbelave Library Buckram is the material of choice for all leading Library Binders who recognise its superiority in terms of colour consistency, quality, stock availability and value for money.


A versatile cover material with a silk matt surface, textile feel and an impressive range of brilliant colours. For all applications where a smooth textile grip and a brilliant colour is requested. 


Chelsea is a white-back book-cloth with traditional textile finish with an option for a black backing on black colour. It is used mainly for stationery applications and trade docket books.


Galaxy is a high-tech covering material made of premium cotton, with a resistant surface and a magnificent metallic look.


Cotton fabric laminated with an FSC certified paper backing, this canvas-like feel material has an acrylic coating making it perfect for menus and hospitality products. 


Paradise is an impressive two-coloured viscose material, a natural touch and feel,  with a lively shot kaleidoscope of colours. It’s fantastic interaction of fabric and background color, create a difference of colour intensity.


Matt finish of Arbelave Library Buckram.


Natural cloth in a distinct true to natural look and feel.


Arbetex is a 100% cotton cloth with supple leather emboss.  It is ideal for bookbinding, and popular with box restoration such as gramophones.


Suede is a  rayon-flocked composition and  provides a velvety plush feel to covering designs and packaging.


Parigina is a Italian faux leather PU with leather grain emboss.


Memory has a extra coating giving a luxurious shine and resistance to scuffs and hard-wear. 


Eclisse is an Italian PU, with a unique deep kayak texture. It sets it apart from the rest of the range.


Ismara  is a synthetic coating on FSC paper. It is a popular range with a leather effect and embossing.


Fluctuations is a synthetic coating on FSC paper with a smooth matt finish.


Plush is a polyurethane coated latex impregnated strengthened paper with a luxurious soft touch finish.


Rainbow is premium FSC buckram embossed paper. It is a popular covering material for full cover case-made books.


Head and Tail bands are a decorative element of premium books.

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